Flyaway hair

Sweden's Apotek uses real-time billboard to turn heads.
hair 2

What lays still, must blow wild (if hit by a powerful gust of wind, that is). The improvised Isaac Newton quote is proven with this interactive billboard in a Sweden subway. On it, a digital portrait of a young woman with luscious locks sweetly gazes. That’s until a train arrives at the platform and materializes a nightmare-ish scene for most women, where the model’s hair blows wildly and uncontrollably in her face. The ad for beauty brand Apotek is hooked up to a transmitter, which tells it when a train has arrived and consequently leads to the awkward scene. There’s been more than one account of reaction-based ads. British Airways followed planes late last year. Anyone else think this may be the next big-ish trend in the real-time marketing game?


Brand: Apoteket
Agency: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Andreas Ullenius
Copywriter: Mariette Glodeck
Art Director: Lars Baecklund
Account Director: Sara Clewemar
Account Manager: Jennie Strinnhed
Graphic Designer: Lotta Person, Jens Sjobergh
Motion Designer: Nisse Axman
Digital Producer: Sofia Swedenborg
Studio Assistant: Anne-Lie Karl
Photo: Elisabeth Frang