New ideas wanted

Young Lions Finland runs out of good material.

Young Lions Finland is making it clear that unoriginal entries to its competition will be slapped aside with this spot showing a suited man in a bar being rejected emphatically by female patrons each time he drops slogans from ads past. Point taken, but wouldn’t it be easier to just offer to buy them a drink, or is that idea washed up?


Brand: Young Lions Finland
Creative: Antti Tuominen & Tuukka Paikkari
Director: Anssi Määttä
Producer: Anna Nuru
DOP: Mikael Gustafsson
Gaffer: Kentsu
Elect. Mikko Lehtonen
Sound: Jukka Nurmela
Make up: Aino Heiniö
Sound design and music: Lassi Vierimaa
Colorist: Petri Falkenberg