SXSW shenanigans

Brand highlights from Oreo's real-time baked cookies to Pennzoil's real-life Mario Kart.
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News from down south is coming in, and it’s coming in fast. The first Interactive leg of the SXSW festival is coming to a close today, but there’s still more to soak up in Film and Music. Spawning from the Interactive component of the fest, brand activations have kept attendees occupied between talks with some fun tech-y activations. Here are a few in case you missed them.


The king of real-time marketing demoed its future in real-time feeding at the festival with a 3D printing machine that printed an Oreo cookie based on real-time data collection. The Oreo Trending Vending Machine invited attendees to choose from 12 colours and flavours inspired by trending topics on Twitter, and participants then watched the brand build the cookie right in front of their eyes.

Pennzoil and Nintendo:

You’re never too old to play Mario Kart. Which means you’re certainly never too old to drive a real-life Mario Kart, especially if it means being able to physically tally points from real-life banana peel and star power-ups. The electric Pennzoil and Mario Brother branded karts were set up with GoPro cameras to film the driver in action, as well as RFID sensors so that when the wheels went over power-up decals on the track, it collected the information and relayed the number of points collected during the game.


This is the first time the government organisation has attended the festival to promote France as a country boiling with tech and start ups, and it certainly didn’t arrive quietly. UbiFrance, with the help of BETC Start Up Lab, set up a French Tech Pavilion as well as a French Tech Club. The “Tweet Cellar” is a quirky social-based component of the branded lounge where the UbiFrance takes tweets about the SXSW fest (that use #tweetcellar) and “refine them with a classy touch.” Pour example… “Having a blast at SXSW #yolo #tweetcellar” was refined to “Such a treat to participate in the SXSW festival #carpediem”.