Autobahn for all

Volkswagen scientists equate packing a lunch with affording a car.

This Stim writer tries to pack his lunch for work everyday. Apparently, that’s enough daily savings to afford a Jetta (or a large latte and a cookie every afternoon). Now that Volkswagen Canada and Montreal-based agency Palm + Havas put it that way, don’t you feel like spending a few extra minutes to pack a sandwich, or perhaps some sausage and sauerkraut? We’ll pass on the molecular gastronomy-inspired meal, though.


Agency: PALM + HAVAS
Client: Peter Viney, Volkswagen Canada
Production House: Cinélande
Producer: Frédéric Desproges
Director: Jean-Michel Ravon
DOP: Steve Danyluk
Editor: Simon Sauvé (Post 430)
Postproduction: Vision Globale
Sound engineer: Sonart – François Bélanger
Music: Apollo-Mataï