Oh deer

Audi's blurred sign.

Audi’s hazard-alert system can sense danger and prepare the car for impact, in some cases before a driver has even noticed the trouble. It’s the kind of tech people hardly want to think about, which makes for an interesting challenge when promoting it. So Germany-based agency Thjnk put up morphing billboards in international airports, that from afar read “You’re driving. It’s dark. Suddenly.” Then, as people came near, the text begins to blur and the “hidden hazard” appears in the form of copy that reads, “A deer!” That should show folks how easily they overlook obvious hazards, or perhaps just make some jet lagged and travel-weary passengers wonder if they’re seeing things.


Brand: Audi
Agency: Thjnk AG, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Armin Jochum, Gerrit Zinke, Tobias Ahrens, Bettina Olf
Art Directors: Nicolas Schmidt-Fitzner, David Lasar
Copywriter: Jan-Hendrik Scholz