Marijuana PSA

CDT weeds out impaired drivers.

You can do just about anything while stoned, now that’s it legal in Colorado. Like, for instance, installing a TV, playing ball, or grilling steak. Granted, the results will be less than desired. A case of the munchies could distract you from installing that TV to the wall properly and you could forget to attach a propane tank to the BBQ, as these ads for the Colorado Department of Transportation shows. But don’t drive to the store to get a new TV, the spot warns, or else you’ll get a DUI. The creative seems to be taking a piss at the symptoms of being baked, but some viewers on YouTube just aren’t having it, saying it’s like comparing being high to being mentally challenged. What do you think? Anti-weed propaganda or simply poking fun?


Brand: Colorado Department of Transportation
Agencies: Amelie Company, Explore Communications, Communications Infrastructure Group, Hispanidad