Call for designs

Do you have what it takes to redesign strategy's AOY trophies?

aoy awardWant to skip the years of blood, sweat and tears and fast-track to being an advertising household name? Looking to rub shoulders with the country’s top creative heads at an industry gala? Strategy magazine may be able to help you in your quest, in exchange for your design prowess.

The publication sent out a call for entries early last month, inviting creatives from all walks to come up with an original design for this year’s award hardware (from Agency to Brand of the Year).

In return, the winner of the best sketch (which will be featured in the May issue of the magazine) will win five tickets to the gala in November, as well as the acclaim of being named the official designer of awards that become permanent fixtures on Canadian agency mantels.

If you’re interested in submitting a design proposal and want to receive an outline of the requirements and parameters, please contact Jennifer Horn at or 416.408.2300 ext. 528.

The deadline for submissions is this Friday, March 21, after which the editorial team will determine the winner and make an announcement in May.