Let your fun out

Kraft Dinner's talking horse riles folks up.

Feeling the Wednesday blahs? Then here’s some words of encouragement from Kevin, a talking horse. Never mind why he’s talking in this new work from Anomaly for Kraft Dinner, just giddy up and listen to his call to action to loosen that tie and let your fun out. Preferably after your 1 p.m. meeting with the boss. Oh, but then there’s the 2 p.m. with the client. Better just put it in the calendar for next week.


Brand: Kraft Dinner
Brand Team: Tony Matta, Leisha Roche, Kristen Eyre, Lindsay Rogers, Ashley Vriens
Agency: Anomaly
Executive Creative Directors: Pete Breton, Mike Byrne, Dave Douglass
Associate Creative Directors: Craig McIntosh, Jaimes Zentil
Integrated Production Director: Jen Mete
Account Team: Brent Rivard, Megan Snider, Matt Holton, Alex Aidar, Joshua Dick
Strategy Team: Zeb Barrett, Heather Black
Production Company: Soft Citizen, El Camino Films
Director: The Perlorian Brothers
Exec Producer: Eva Preger, Link York
Head Producer: Rob Burns
Cinematographer: Nanu Segal
Post Production Producer: Sarah Brooks – School Editing
Animation/VFX/Telecine: Lee Pavey, Yourick Van Impe, Alannah Currie - Electric Theatre Collective
Telecine: Wade Odlu, Greg Edgar – Alter Ego
Voice Casting/Direction: Ted Rosnick, RMW
Music & Sound Design: Didier Tovel, Yan Dal Santo - SNDWRX/Apollo Studios