Speedy premiere

Coca-Cola and Cinepolis Centroamerica ignite a wild ride.

Recently, a few movie-goers in Costa Rica purchased front-row cinema seats, but ended up in the back-seat of a sports car. The stunt by Coca-Cola, Cinépolis Centroamérica and agency Leo Burnett, Costa Rica, for the premiere of Need for Speed saw unsuspecting people purchase tickets for seats that don’t actually exist in the theatre. After standing around looking bewildered for a bit, they’re lead up an elevator to a souped-up sports car, then whisked around by a professional driver while their looks of joy and terror are broadcast back to the theatre. Two questions that would be going through our heads: “Will we be back in time to watch the movie?” and “Are we going to get free refills? Because there is popcorn and Coke everywhere.”


Brand: Coca-Cola and Cinépolis Centroamérica
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Costa Rica
General Creative Director: Alexis Ospina
Creative Director: Marvin Leiva
Art Director: Felipe Gutiérrez
Copywriters: Alejandro Chávez, Marvin Leiva, Alexis Ospina
General Account Director: Lidia Serrano
Account Director: Genoveva Jiménez
Director: Neto Villalobos