Noise control

BeIN Sports' channel-changing vuvuzela.
Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 8.55.29 PM

Loud noise and sporting events go together like PB and jam. It’s true. However the world showed it loved to loathe this pairing when televisions began buzzing like bees with the sound of the Vuvuzela during the 2010 World Cup. And just when the gen pop had pushed memories of the plastic horn to a deep recess in their brains, it’s made another appearance, thanks to beIN Sports and agency TBWA\WorldWide.

At least with the sports network channel’s Game Changer instrument, which was created using a 3D printer, it has utility beyond expressing an annoyingly high-pitched love for the game. It can change channels on a TV too. So, next time you’re walking by a sports bar and nothing but lame golf and tennis are playing on the screens, all you’ll need to save the day and change it back to the game is one long monotone blow of the horn. But prepare to duck. The sound may bring some people’s pent-up feelings about the Vuvuzela back to the surface.


Advertiser: beIN Sports
Agency: TBWA\Worldwide