See it to believe it

Courage Canada brings hockey to the blind.

Many of us are probably blind to the fact that blind hockey is actually possible. In fact, Courage Canada’s sole purpose is to give blind and visually-impaired Canadians the opportunity to learn and play the national pastime. This poster by Zulu Alpha Kilo for the organization’s annual tournament might make you blink. It’s┬árunning in various rinks in Ontario and TSAs and uses the idea of the hockey face-off, shot from an overhead view, to represent the shape of a human eye. When rolled up, it resembles a walking stick.

Meanwhile in the promotional video, a man recorded from the waist down seems like he is using a walking stick, when in fact it’s a hockey stick he’s tapping on the ground to find safe passage to the good ‘ol hockey game at Maple Leaf Gardens.


Brand: Courage Canada
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Director: Zak Mroueh, Shane Ogilvie
Art Director: Andrea Romanelli
Writer: Jon Taylor
Photographer: Philip Rostron
Digital Imaging: Instil Productions
Mac Artist: Brandon Dyson
Agency Producer: Kate Spencer
Account Service: Kate Torrance, Adam Lang
Director Of Photography: Jamie Morren
Audio Director: Richard Thirumaran, Jamie Morren