Roundup of Fools

Boston Pizza, YouTube, Fido and others prank the gullible.
Fido cat

Either we’re becoming more gullible, or the world is getting more kooky. (We’re betting on the latter.) Maybe it’s today’s world of endless possibilities, or the high-production value of hoaxes, but people seem to be more credulous when it comes to things like the idea of a real-life hoverboard and groups protesting against Bieber from becoming a neighbour. And to be totally honest, some of us over here at Stim may be a part of that growing group susceptible to pranks, with this year’s pack of April Fools Day jokes doing a sneaky job at getting us to think twice about their validity. Here’s a round-up of some of the best so far.

Fido’s cat mascot

The mobile phone company is trading in man’s best friend for a furry feline friend. 

Boston Pizza’s reverse delivery

When you can’t bring the pizza to person, bring the person to pizza.

Go Sphero’s SelfieBot

Never miss a precious moment, from driving in traffic to waking up in the morning, with this robot capturing your essence in a selfie (on a 24-seven clock).

YouTube’s trend alert

Clocking in public, dancing in water and kissing your dad is strategically planned to go viral.

Zulu Alpha Kilo’s app tracks CDs

The search for MIA creative directors begins and ends with an app.

WestJet’s time-change

They did the unthinkable, the airline is now displaying its flight schedules in metric time.

NBC Sport’s reports worst news in history

The Stanley Cup has been stolen. Game Over.

Virgin Mobile’s SmartKicks

A (strangely believable) line of products that connects phone, fashion, and footwear to create shoes that play music, call friends and download files via USB. (Click image to enlarge.)

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