Zero-gravity sipping

Robinsons takes to the skies to get SQUASH'D.

Production company Framestore went from shooting the #1 movie in the box office (Gravity) to shooting a commercial for a water enhancer – both anchored (ironically) around zero gravity. So, not really the traditional route up the ladder, but the company seems to like to reverse the mould, as seen in the opposite ways the two were filmed. This commercial for the launch of Robinsons’ SQUASH’D drink mix was shot in a Go ZeroG plane (where gravity has no home), whereas the movie was shot on terra firma and simulated the effects of weightlessness. The spot, also created by agency Iris Worldwide, shows how the water enhancer can be made anywhere, even if you happen to be in an exorbitantly expensive plane with nothing to drink but plain-tasting H2O and one of the brand’s flavour packs.


Brand: Robinsons
Agency: Iris Worldwide
Production Company: Framestore
Director: Mike McGee
Producer: David Hays
Creative: Andy Taylor
Creative: Chris Baylis
Creative: Bill Adcock
Creative: Jonathan McKemey
Creative: Stuart Sinclair-Nightingale
Music: Ben Pope
Sound Mix: Steve Lane @ GCRS
Post Production: Framestore