Sustainable writing materials

Agencies invent waste-less ink and fonts.
Cheil Canada 1

We’re a stubborn, set-in-our-ways species. Indeed, it’s going to take a lot for us to just quit wasting limited resources. Who would’ve thought, though, that a couple of ad agencies would be the ones to say enough is enough and come up with some simple, non-obtrusive solutions? Cheil China and Grey London have a set of inventions that could very well curb paper and ink wastage. The former shop has produced a disappearing ink for Friends of the Earth that fades over two to three days when in contact with CO2, therefore leaving a clean sheet of paper to be re-used. And the latter has created the most sustainable font for Ryman Stationary. How is it eco-friendly, you ask? Well, it uses a third less ink than any other. And the best part is, it’s also easy on the eyes.