Grouper dates

Intimate, two-person blind dates are so passé.

grouperBlind dates. Who honestly enjoys tapping on stranger’s shoulders asking if they’re “Joe” and risking drinking alone if “Joe” decides to get cold feet (or worse… took one look at you and left)? Good riddance to that. Now, you can date in a pack (and lean on one another if the group happens to get ditched). A new dating service, called Grouper and based in NY, hand-picks three potential mates for you and two friends to go on a date at a surprise location chosen by the start-up company’s team (as an aside, this kinda reminds us of Unbox Love, a box sent to a couple’s door with spontaneous date ideas personalized by a team). We say this is a great way to shake singledom up, however, remember to play nice with your friends and set some boundaries before the date. Nothing says unattractive more than a tussle over who gets who.