Backyard shenanigans

The Source lets out its employee genies.
The Source

It’s happened to us all. You go to the local electronics store and stand, stumped over which stereo to choose, only to find no one in sight who can help before giving up and getting out. While we can’t say that the sales associates are any easier to locate, the Source and agency Juniper Park have created a new commercial and tagline that attempts to show that its store employees are indeed helpful, and could even be likened to your own personal genie. According to the spot, you need only say “I want that” when you spot your next-door neighbour doing backyard aerobics using a cool portable speaker and instantly a sales bro hands you three options. Yeah, it kinda feels Big Brother-ish, but it sure beats waiting in line.


Brand: The Source
Agency:  Juniper Park Communications ULC Toronto
President/Chief Strategist:  Jill Nykoliation
Exec. Creative directors:  Alan Madill, Terry Drummond, Barry Quinn
Art Director:  Randy De Melo
Writer:  Jonathan Careless
Producer:  Anne Marie Martignago
Account Director: Geoff Wilton
Account Executive:  Aviva Phillips
Production House:  Sons And Daughters
Director:  Matt Swanson
DOP:  Bobby Shore
Editor:  John Evans
Editorial House:  Panic and Bob Editing
Audio House:  Eggplant
Music director:  Rocco Gagliese
Post: Crush
Colour: Notch