Deserving drink

Natrel gives milk some respect.

You, yes, you with the hat on, show a little respect for the milk you’re drinking, won’t you? Quebec-based Natrel has its eye on those milk drinkers who chug from the carton or who stumble to the fridge and drink milk without a shirt on in the morning. It’s letting you know that Natrel is inspired by nature, so it deserves to be drunk from a glass and with some clothes on. The light-hearted, yet epic, commercials were created by Lg2 for the brand, which has undergone a complete rebranding that, if you haven’t seen in stores just yet, really pop on the shelves with its unseen-in-the-category black-splashed cartons of milk.


Advertiser: Natrel (Caroline Losson, Stéphane Renauld)
Agency: Lg2
Digital Agency: CloudRaker
Media: DentsuBos
CDs: Marc Fortin, Claude Auchu
Designers: Marie-Pier Gilbert, Jean-Philippe Dugal, Sophie Valentine, Marilyn Marois, Romain Albertini
Creative team: Lysa Petraccone, François Sauvé, Jean-François Thériault, Martin Baron, Marie-Ève Leclerc-Dion, Stuart Macmillan, Thibault Gehard, Jean Landry
Strategic Planning: Anne-Marie Leclair et Cohésion Stratégies
Account Services: Marie-Christine Cayer, Catherine Draws, Vanessa Dicaire, Julie Dubé
Photographers: Shoot Studio, Martin Girard / La Cavalerie, Olivier Staub
Director: Les Enfants, Jonathan Bensimon
Production company: Les Enfants
Agency producer: Isabelle Fonta
Post-production: Vision Globale
Sound: Boogie Studio
Music: Apollo
Print production: lg2fabrique
Interactive production: CloudRaker
Media: DentsuBos