Paperboy Wine

Stylish, good-for-the-earth bottles for your vino.
paper wine1

Remember that thing your parents used to say, something about not judging a book by its cover? Yes, well, this may be a good time to forget that advice and perhaps judge the wine makers, even if just a little, for their wasted glass bottles that end up in landfills each year. Why use a material that has a 28% recycling rate when you can use something lighter and eco-friendly at a 97% recycling rate? That’s what these folks over at¬†California-based packaging company Ecologic Brands and winery Truett-Hurst have done with a new wine cover, that leaves little room for judgement, called Paper Boy. The stylish wine bottle is made of¬†recycled cardboard, with a plastic liner inside, and sits at only 1.9 pounds when filled (that’s about 85% lighter than glass bottles for those who aren’t on weight terms with their favourite wines, like us).

Via Fast Company