A 100% hate-free social network.

posi2Afraid of posting something awesome about your day because you know the judgy Judy’s in your Facebook pack will probably gripe about some kind of grammatically incorrect statement you hastily posted? Fear that you may be pissing off a few of your friends who can’t tolerate a gazillion photos of your newborn in their feed? Screw ‘em, babies are adorable, and there’s a new place you can take your content without fear of admonition from haters. It’s called Posi, and its a social media app created by 22-year-old Winnipeg entrepreneurs and best friends,┬áBraden Pyper and Jason Berard. The app invites its users to post photos, videos and text around positive and inspiring experiences, from having a baby to your travels in developing countries. Posts are shared with a “spread” button and each user can grow their “positivity ring” by posting inspiring content. It’s like the user-generated version of Upworthy, and we’re hoping it’s what will help rid the web of yuk negativity.