Time suit

El Tiempo turns mall rats into gym rats.

We probably don’t spend too much time thinking about what effect lazing around watching TV or playing Candy Crush will have on our bodies in the future. Those minor aches and pains we feel now will supposedly feel worse in 20 years time, but who has time to really worry about it with all that content to consume? Well, since it was selling a home workout guide, Colombian newspaper El Tiempo wanted consumers to ponder the aging process. Working with agency Sancho BBDO, the publication developed a specialized suit that supposedly mimics the limits to which a senior adult can move, and then challenged mall rats to do a low-impact obstacle course of daily activities, like tying their shoes, once without the suit and then once with it on.  You can watch along to see how it went, but needless to say, a lot of people bought the home workout guide afterwards.


Brand: El Tiempo
Advertising Agency: Sancho BBDO, Bogotá, Colombia
Chief Creative Directors: Hugo Corredor, Giovanni Martínez
Creative Directors: Andrés Norato, Claudia Murillo, Eduardo Carvajalino, Fabio Mendoza
Art Director: Duvier Rojas
Copywriter: Alejandro Tawa
Account Director Total Work: Monica Nieto
Account Director: Alejandra Hernandez
Account Manager: Lena Garcia