Watch your step

United Nations' virtual minefield.

There have been some innovative uses of iBeacons at retail and even ball parks, and now United Nations Mine Action Service and Critical Mass have found a dramatic use for the tech: bringing the fear of living near landmines to New Yorkers. During the one-day exhibit earlier this month at the New Museum, people were encouraged to use the “sweeper” virtual minefield app, which was synced to the beacons so that exhibit-goers who trod too close to a mine display got virtually blasted, which shocked at least a few of them. With this tech, visitors weren’t just educated about mines, they also got to experience the indiscriminate ways in which they kill innocent people.


Brand: United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS)
Agency: Critical Mass
Conor Brady – Chief Creative Officer
Thierry Marques – Program Director
Alissa Hansen – Senior Producer
Jared Folkmann – Group Planning Director
Scott King – Planning Director
Kyle Bottoms – Social Media Planner
Melissa Boyles – Associate Social Media Planner
Maia Fuhrman – Content Analyst
Christiaan Welzel – Creative Director
Nikolay Mihaylov – Senior Designer
April Ryde – Senior Designer
Stefan Smith – Senior Copywriter
Adrian Suza – Illustrator
Scott Goetz – Developer
Steven Ritchie – Associate Planner / Developer
Miguel Alvarez – Technology Director
Ricardo Alvarado – Technology Lead
Roy Quesada Medina – Developer
Android App Development Partner - The Hangar Interactive
Production Company - 1st Ave Machine
Music and Sound - Elias Arts Heard City
Event Design - Baura New York