A NYC hotel that's being designed through crowdsourcing.
Cotel 1

How refreshing it is when a company excuses itself from the beaten path. U.S.-based ProdigyDesignLab is going way off course with Cotel, a hotel that’s said to be designed and built with suggestions from the public. That’s right, a Circa 1920s brick building in New York City, which will shoot up to 23 stories when construction is complete, will be designed via crowd-sourcing.¬†And if you think that isn’t awesome enough, then we’ll tell you about its smart app that’s also under development. The Cotel app mimics the hotel’s idea of being the destination for business travellers, making it a sort of LinkedIn-esque platform that allows users to browse profiles of those boarding at the hotel. It also does tricks like provide a digital room key when checking-in on-the-go, and turns the heat on the thermostat up or down without having to get up. Sure, it may be killing the future of physical social interactions and adding to a lazy generation, but it’s sure as hell neat.