Quiet ride

Librarians need not shush this Renault.

Lower the volume, or just put on your headphones, and check out this experiential work by Renault Portugal and Publicis Lisboa. The brand wanted to show off just how silent the Twizy electric car is, so it drove it through a library full of students studying for exams with barely a sound, save for the typical giggles. It’s impressive that the driver could navigate through the desks and bookcases, though we don’t imagine the librarian there would have been very pleased with the commotion this caused among students.


Brand: Renault Portugal
Agency: Publicis Lisboa
Creatives: Gomez, Ricardo Ferreira, Ivo Machado, Roberta Batista, Fábio Santos.
Creative Director: Pedro Ribeiro e João Braga
Producer Director: Cristina Almeida
Account: Maria João Sodré.
Account Director: Maria João Santos
Client Service Director: Susana Doutor
VFX: Hugo Lage
Producer: Malagueta Filmes
Director: Manuel Mealha
Activation: Activooh
Client: Joana Cardoso