Nandos gets finger happy.

Nandos, a Portuguese-style chicken restaurant, is known for its controversial ads that tend to stoke the political fire in South Africa (seriously, many have been banned from TV, like this one and this one). We’ve heard some of its radio ads in Canada (there are a few stores sprinkled across the country), and let’s just say they’re as polite as…well, Canadians. But across the pond, the brand, its seems, has gone way off-kilter with some rather wacky spots (a trend we’ve been noticing) that introduce a handful (pun intended) of talking fingers and the rather strange conversations they have with their owners. We should point out the attention to detail agency 18 Feet & Rising put into this. Who would’ve thought miniature face moles, diamond earrings and reflections in eye glasses could be so adorable?


Brand: Nandos U.K.
Advertising Agency: 18 Feet & Rising, UK
Creative: Anna Carpen
Account Director: Andrew Barnard
Agency Producer: Greg Hemes
Photographer: Kezia Tan
Illustrator: Anna Carpen
Director/ Production Co: Marquis of Hawaii / Riff Raff
Producers: Matthew Fone, Sonya Sier / Riff Raff
Editor: Art Jones / Work Post
Post Production: Finish
Sound Design: Prodigious
DoP: Sam Goldie