Musical service reminder

Ontario GM Dealers's car maintenance sing-along.

If you haven’t had your car in for its spring service by now, or switched out your winter tires, then yes, your vehicle is due. But we wouldn’t blame you for delaying after the wretchedly long winter we’ve had. Ontario GM dealers and agency MacLaren McCann wanted to help brighten things up, while providing a helpful reminder about the importance of car maintenance. So the agency that brought you the Story of I brought another catchy animated message to consumers with a series of jingle-filled online videos. Though the lyrics don’t feel as seamless, you may still find yourself tapping your feet… and wondering if your air con is still working.


Brand: Ontario GM Dealers
Agency: MacLaren McCann
Titles: Spring Check-Up/ Sauna/ Where Do Winter Tires Go?
Executive Creative Directors- Sean Davison and Mike Halminen
Creative Director – Marc Melanson
Art Director – Robin Soukvilay
Copywriter – Mitch Robertson
Producer – Nikki Drakul
Accounts – Eric Baldakin, Roger Wilkinson and Mark Richardson
Animation: Tinman Creative Studios
Sound: Grayson Matthews