That’s awkward

Disability charity Scope shows how it's done.

Ever wondered how to shake the hand of someone who doesn’t have a hand? Or how to subtly determine if someone is deaf or giving you the cold shoulder? Or what you would do if you found yourself bending down to speak to someone in a wheelchair? Then these videos are for you. The PSAs by Grey London for disability charity Scope is all in good fun, and even stars comedian and actor on Channel 4′s The Last Leg Alex Brooker. The organization does, however, riff on a study that found 67% of Brits don’t feel comfortable talking to the disabled. Most of us, it seems, just don’t know how to act around disabled people and are afraid of seeming patronizing or saying the wrong thing, a symptom Scope terms “innocent ignorance.” But weigh that with the embarrassment disabled people may feel with so many people avoiding a discussion with them, and then go for a left-handed shake.


Brand: Scope
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