Portfolio Night capers

Creatives target the competition.

Tensions may be a bit high among young creatives ahead of tonight’s Portfolio Night. So Tank, the event’s host in Montreal, wanted to make it clear that “taking someone out isn’t your only way in.” Not that anyone would consider such drastic measures as presented above, but it might be a good idea to have a friend check on you periodically, just in case. Enjoy the video, but try to stay alert as you do.



Brand: Portfolio Night Montreal
Agency: TANK, Montréal, Canada
Creative Director: Alexandre Gadoua
Copywriters: Jean-François Da Sylva Larue, Alexandre Gadoua
Art Directors: Roula Asmar, Étienne Goulet
Director: Dominic James / La Cavalerie
DOP: Steve Asselin
Special Effects: Jonathan Kemp
Producer: Marie-Hélène Harvey
Editor: Emeline Declerck
Colorist: Benoit Côté
Sound: Boogie Studio