Junkyard jousting bikers

New Belgium's new breed of bike subcultures.

All those who have contempt for bikers (here’s looking at you, Ford), and think biking is all about being a road-hog and wearing oh-so-tight spandex, then, please, watch these three spots that introduce the world to a new breed of bike sub-cultures that’ll make you think twice about biking’s “awesome” factor. Funnily enough, the spots aren’t from a bike brand, but the next best thing, a craft beer brand. The New Belgium ads, created by U.S.-based Cultivator, introduce the launch of a new brew, aptly named Fat Tire, and each show off a new sub-culture (with unconventional biking at its core). There’s a band of outlaw bikers called the “Choperados,” the world’s only “Junkyard Cyclocross” race as well as a junkyard competition (with toxic puddles and all).


Advertiser: New Belgium (Fat Tire)
Agency: Cultivator
Creative Directors: Tim Abare (CD/CW), Monte Mead (CD/AD)
Broadcast Producer: Kent Smith
Production House: Nonfiction Unlimited
Director: Stacy Peralta
Executive Producer: Loretta Jeneski, Michael Degan
Head of Production: Patrick Degan
Post Production: Nonfiction Unlimited
Editor: Parris Patton
DP: David Morrison