Mt. Diablo Morgan Fire

Crowdsourcing a timelapse of land recovery.

morgan fire 2Did you know the destruction of land by natural fires is actually a good thing? News media typically cover fires with great alarm, so it’s easy to feel frightened for the vegetation and critters that suffer. But fires are a natural part of, specifically, a mountain’s ecology, and a group, called Nerds for Nature, are hoping to show the positive side of land going up in flames with a crowd-sourced timelapse of its recovery. The Californian enviro technologists and designers have set up a sign on Mt. Diablo, where the summit was charred by a natural fire, asking hikers to place their smartphone on an L-shaped bracket and snap a picture. The images can then be shared on Flickr, Twitter or Instagram with #morganfire, with the pics being eventually pieced together after one year to create a timelapse of the growth of new vegetation.