Responsive walls

Interactive design brings walls to life.

Interactive design is smart, but it’s also mostly just seen as art. This “Hexi” installation by French-Canadian graphic designer Thibault Sld, as intriguing as it is, has little real functional¬†use. But someday soon, the motion-sensor technology that creates the ripple effects in the artist’s responsive wall could very well be the foundation for other uses, such as in panels that light up dark sidewalks, in artificial limbs to help provide better movement for amputees or in outdoor canopies that retract when a rainstorm hits (as prophesied by Omnicom Media Group and And let’s not get started on the endless marketing possibilities (imagine Dyson-powered wind panels that activate when a person walks by on a hot, humid summer day). Think about it, how would you better the world using simple motion?

Watch the video of Hexi in action here.