Fluffy adhesive

Home reno can get pretty hairy without Canac.

We don’t want to spoil the punchline of the latest campaign from Lg2 for Canac hardware store in Quebec, but let’s just say that next time you’re planning a DIY job around the house, you may want to be clean-shaven. The other lesson here? Heed your partner’s advice. A happy wife makes for a happy life, right?


Brand: Canac
agency: Lg2
Creative director: Luc Du Sault
Copywriters: Luc Du Sault, Nicolas Boisvert
Art direction: Luc Du Sault
Strategic Planning: Catherine Darius
Account services: Sylvain Morin, Eve Boucher
Media: Touche! PHD
Electronic production: Isabelle Fonta
Production company: 401 – Sophie Gerard
Director: Emmanuel Hoss-Desmarais
Post-production: Vision Globale
Sound Studi: Boogie studio