Soccer-fied packaging

McDonald's French Fries get a tasty new look.

mcds fries 2 Sometimes, when this Stim writer sits in a McDonald’s on her own, without a phone or friend to keep company, the copy on the restaurant’s food packaging, from coffee to condiments, is a good substitute to help pass the time. So, you can understand why the new French Fry boxes, which the QSR redesigned with the help of 24 global artists (from an initial pool of 500), who created intricate artworks with a nod to the upcoming FIFA World Cup, is so appealing. From commercial to fine arts, traditional to contemporary, and professional to newly discovered, the artists give colourful life to the boxes, with one designed by Canada’s own Mügluck. And just when we thought we got a hold of our urges to veer off the diet course, who can honestly avoid a “collect them all” promotion?


Advertiser: McDonald’s