Throwaways be gone

Packaging with an expiry date.
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This packaging may be a pipe dream, but it’s a fantastic step in the right green direction. The future of non-durable food packaging, according to Swedish design firm Tomorrow Machine, could be one where sleeves, cartons and containers too have an expiry date. Crack a caramelized sugar and bees wax-coated container filled with olive oil, and it dissolves in the pan as its heated. A smoothie box, made of agar-agar seaweed gel, withers away as its contents get closer to its expiration, and a rice package is peeled like an orange because its made of biodegradable wax. We love that the topic is being tackled, and that smart (visually appealing) designs are being proposed for the elimination of plastic and glass, but we’re not quite sure we could get on board with liquid spillage in our fridge after forgetting to check the expiry date (it’s a problem we’re working on).