Maple apple pie

Morris Kepes Winters' delectable direct mail.

maple apple pie 1What do lawyers, realtors and pawnbrokers have in common? If you haven’t guessed already, that would be the pervasive head shot-bearing ad they’ve all slapped on the back of a bus, bench or building. So, when a group of law men shake things up and advertise their legal services in an unpredictable way, it’s a breathe of fresh air we’re delighted to take in. Toronto’s Morris Kepes Winters LLP (MKW) decided to turn the countries’ rivalry on its head in a direct mail campaign that shows off Canada’s best asset (maple syrup), alongside America’s finest export (apple pie). Why? Well, because it can. And also because it just hired two more licensed U.S. tax lawyers. It wanted to show clients that it has the “perfect combination of Canadian and American expertise” in its first-ever direct-mail campaign that includes a real apple pie with an accompanying bottle of maple syrup, enclosed in a wooden box and sent to potential clients. Best push back that business trip as much as you can, or else face sacrificing the goodies to your colleagues (we know we wouldn’t be able to ignore the smell of fresh baked pie).


Advertiser: Morris Kepes Winters LLP (MKW)
Creative Agency: Dougserge + partners
Media Agency: Denneboom
Partner: Doug Robinson
Creative Directors/Partners: Todd Mackie/Denise Rossetto
Art Director: Danny Bang
Copywriter: Kelly Uman
Partner/Brand Strategist: Mike Welling
Account Manager: Ann Marie Doyle
Account Intern: Lisa Sousa
Photographer : John Butler
Food Stylist Andrew Bullis
Bakery: Sue-Ellen Parrott