Colonial homes

Square Habitat pioneers the real estate game.

Now we get why the pioneers settled in America. Real estate wasn’t just a-plenty, the agents were super helpful too. Or at least that’s the pretty picture Square Habitat (a France network of real estate agencies) is painting for potential buyers in its first-ever TV spot. Watch the journey of a young family travelling by horse and buggy (Western majestic landscape and all) as they find their double story, wood home, with a wrap-around porch (and washing machine, of course). Wonder if there were as many bidding wars back then.


Brand: Credit Agricole, Square Habitat
Agency: BETC
Brand Management: Nicole Derrien, Olivier Nivault, Sieglinde Sire, Marie Genet
Agency management: Jean Charles Caboche, Marion Zarattin
CD: Stéphane Xiberras
AD: Emmanuelle Maliakas
Assistant AD: Steven Poindron
CW: Alexandre Toso
Traffic: Michele Bertona
TV producer: David Green
Production house: Control
Sound production: Schmooze
Director: Joachim Back