Creatively low-tech

Sid Lee's analogue-esque exhibition for the ADC.
installation 1

Can an installation for awards win an award for best installation for awards? (Bet you can’t say that three times fast.) Sid Lee’s travelling exhibition for the Art Directors Club (ADC) literally puts people in the front seat of the best advertising out there (that is, the work that struck Gold, Silver and Bronze at the show this year). The obvious choice would have been to use touch screens, but what kind of a challenge would that be? So Sid Lee and Montreal designer Les Ateliers Guyon put a momentary stop to screen usage, opting for low-tech executions to demonstrate the work. There’s a harp (though still sci-fi looking) that plays a winning piece of work with each pluck of a chord, as well as an arcade-style joystick and a reclining bike used to shift/pedal through campaigns. If you happen to be in L.A. or Toronto, watch out for the exhibit. You’ll likely find us making “pew, pew” sounds behind the joystick.