Intelligent drinking

Vessyl tracks your liquids.
Coffee cup

Here’s a cup that takes the guesswork out of what you’re consuming. For those already using fitness trackers like the Nike Fuelband or Runkeeper, San Fran-based Mark One has developed Vessyl, a mug that monitors an equally important portion of a healthy lifestyle – the beverages we drink. Pour in some Coke, milk or even a homemade blend, and the Vessyl tracks its contents in real-time, through the cup and in its companion app. This could really come in handy next time you’re at a party serving a sugary-tasting punch. On top of that, it lets users know how hydrated they are or how much caffeine they’ve had for the day, providing possible guidelines for folks trying to wean themselves off of coffee. This may be bad news for those who prefer an “ignorance is bliss” approach to drinking, but Vessyl is still in pre-order phase, so there’s still a bit of time for some of us to have an excuse to not know exactly what you’re drinking.