You make the call

Canal+'s custom director's cut.

Ever been watching a movie and thought that you could have done a lot better? Well, French movie channel Canal+ and BETC are putting a bit of director’s power in users’ hands with an interactive website that lets them call “Cut” whenever they’d like and request a different take on the same scene – in which a woman kneels next to a wounded soldier. From Western, to Teen movie to Porno, your director’s assistant and the actors do their best to please you, their finicky director, with each take fun enough to keep us clicking on to the next scene, though you might find you’re not calling cut so hastily after a while. It’s a fun follow up of sorts to 2012 Cannes Lion-winning spot “The Bear,” which is worth a look below.


Brand: Canal+
Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras
Creative Director: Olivier Apers
Copywriter: Guillaume Rebbot
Traffic: Coralie Chasset
Digital Producer: Sandy Semelin
Production house: Iconoclast Interactive / Anonymous
Sound Production: Gum
Director: Adrien Armanet