Wi-Fi hounds

T-Mobile teaches dogs new tricks.

Another one for the weird and wonderful files. The internet has given rise to countless innovations and spin-off industries, but perhaps none as ingenious as this Wi-Fi Dogs shop. For people tired of spending their vacation sniffing around for a decent, free Wi-Fi signal, they can apparently hire some dogs to do it for them. The only question is, which looks more ridiculous, walking a dog with a Wi-Fi bib wrapped around it or waving your smartphone through the air trying to find a signal? Or, T-Mobile and agency DDB Tribal in Germany says, customers could just use its Travel & Surf program, but that isn’t nearly as cuddly as these pooches.


Brand: T-Mobile
Agency: DDB Tribal, Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Schoeffler
Executive Creative Director: Matthias Schmidt
Creative Director: Veit Moeller, Nils Haseborg
Senior Copywriter: Alice Bottaro
Senior Art Director Digital: Konradin Resa
Junior Art Director: Jacopo Biorcio
Junior Copywriter: Marc Lüdemann
Assistant Copywriter: Lydia Willie
Director: Randy Krallman
DOP: Erik Wilson
Production Company: Smuggler & Community Films
European Business Director: Daniela Hofmann
Account Manager: Annika Glander
Planning Director: Dr. Gordon Euchler
Producer: Jens Mecking
Senior Social Media Strategist: Carsten Schulz
Post-Production: Pirates ‘N Paradise
Sound: StudioFunk
Original Music: Butter. Music & Sound