Proud history

Tourism Toronto shows what pride means.

In Toronto, there’s a long and proud history of, well, Pride, and Toronto Tourism and production house Crucial Pictures have taken the occasion of hosting World Pride to take a stroll down memory lane. A three-minute clip provides an oral history of sorts, chatting with well known people such as councillor Kyle Rae and actress Laverne Cox fromĀ Orange is the New Black, as well as people who were married at Toronto Pride. We dare Torontonians to watch without feeling pumped up about the city.


Brand: Tourism Toronto
Production Company: Crucial Pictures
Creative Officer – Blair Vermette
Creative Director – Blair Vermette
Executive Producer – Lee Harris
Art Director – Pat Maddox
Chief Marketing Officer – Joel Peters
Director of Marketing – Heidi Wallace
Consumer Marketing Manager – Jeremy Maunder
Producer – Anup Rao
Project Management – Jeremy Maunder, Anup Rao