Will sing for beer

Molson Canadian brings the beer fridge home.

It’s been to Europe, the Winter Olympics, Indonesia and most recently Cannes (though only as a case study), with each appearance resulting in a mass of media coverage and a swell of pride back home. So, with Canada Day upon us, Molson Canadian thought it was the right moment to bring the beer fridge home. Since not many people walk around their home country with a passport, Molson and Rethink found a fitting challenge for Canadians – singing the national anthem. They used some voice recognition tech that analyzed the inflection and timing of people singing the song  (check out the behind the scenes below) to determine whether the fridge would giveth beer or buzz the singers out. Aaron Starkman, partner and CD at Rethink, says there was some concern among the agency when, after placing the fridge at its first stop, it buzzed out 10 people in a row. Did Canadians not actually know how to sing their national anthem? Of course they do. And if they didn’t, they figured out how to pretty quickly (there was beer involved, after all). But the bigger question is… can it recognize the famous Franglish anthem so many of us know?


Brand: Molson Canadian
Creative Director: Aaron Starkman, Chris Staples, Dre Labre, Ian Grais
Associate Creative Director: Mark Scott
Writer: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick
Art Director: Mark Scott, Joel Holtby
Agency Producer: Monika Ghobrial
Director: Jesse Blight, Janek Lowe
Director of photography: Jesse Blight,
Editor: Gerrit van Dyke
Molson Canadian: Jeff Harrop, Chris Blackburn, Darren Quinton,Sadie McCann
Account Director: Lynn Summers
Audio House: RMW Music