Paint visualizer

Dulux helps you picture it, before you paint it.

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So some of you may not be the most visual. And by that we mean you struggle to use the minds eye. For example, when shopping for clothing, more often than not, you purchase a carbon copy of the perfectly-styled outfit on the mannequin in the window. If that lack of visual mental imagery is getting you down in other areas of improvement, (say, the home), then this app from AkzoNobel and String in the U.K. is ready to help pick you up. The Dulux Visualiser app¬†virtually colours home-owners’ walls with any paint of their choice (from the company’s line of products, of course) and when users move from wall to wall while holding a mobile tablet, they can preview the colour as it comes to life in their home via augmented reality. Say goodbye to standing behind seemingly endless rows of tiny paint palettes in Home Depot and giving up on the whole idea because your mind’s eye is on the fritz again.