Ten high-quality (do whatever you want with) photos every 10 days.

Pretty pictures for zero pennies? Creative commons can be a god send for some publishers, artists, filmmakers etc. But beggars can’t always be choosers. Sometimes what you get for free kind of, well, sucks. But you won’t find sub-par material on this site. Unsplash was created by Montreal-based Crew, an invite-only marketplace connecting projects with talent (basically they find developers and designers for mobile and web projects), and allows only high-quality images to be published on the site. Photographers can think of it as a marketing tool, since as each photo is published, so is a link to their portfolio or blog. Though, after looking at some of the contributor’s sites, we don’t ¬†feel that bad for borrowing a photo or two for free. They have plenty more goodies that surely make them some dime.