Balloon report

CSPD reinvents its annual roundup.

Fresh off winning a Silver Design Lion for its work on the annual report for the Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities, Wax is back with a somewhat lighter version of the report. We’re not sure if the success has inflated their egos, but this report is full of hot air (that’s right, it’s written on balloons). The agency presented the creative at the society’s AGM on June 18 (coincidently the same day they basked in Cannes glory) and this month they revealed a more stationary version for the web.


Brand: Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities
Agency: WAX
Creative Director: Trent Burton
Design Director: Monique Gamache
Designer: Jake Lim
Art Director: Jake Lim, Brad Connell
Writer: Chris Lihou
Photographer: Jason Stang
Creative Technology Director: Dondy Razon
Developer: Jonthan Yeo
Account Supervisor: Maddie Gauthier