Backup memory

Samsung's app for people with Alzheimer's.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could backup our memories, just like we do with our devices? Samsung Tunisia, Tunisian Alzheimer Association and agency 3SG BBDO have developed some tech that’s aimed at people living with Alzheimer’s disease and designed to help delay memory loss and ease the burden on their caregivers. It’s like a social network for the patient’s near-and-dear that’s activated in real-time on a mobile phone when someone they know comes within range. For instance, if  a person with Alzheimer’s is approached by his son, the phone sends an alert to their phone, flashing a photo, his name and relationship to the patient. It’ll even run through a series of images from the son’s life, like him taking his first steps. Pretty useful, and it certainly makes the case for snapping fewer selfies and taking more shots of your loved ones.


Brand: Samsung Tunisia
Agency: 3SG BBDO, Tunis, Tunisia
Creative Director: Jean Louis Rerat
Associate Creative Director: Yassine Boughaba
Conceptualizer: Yassine Boughaba