Thumbs of glory

Bike-maker Specialized tests finger endurance.

It’s that time of year again when TV viewers cam admire the French countryside and the clean-shaven legs of professional cyclists pumping furiously to ride a 3,664 kilometres course that winds over mountain passes and through cobblestone streets. We get tired just watching. But why should those viewers just sit there twiddling their thumbs, when they too could compete? All they need is the Thumbs of Glory app by bike-maker Specialized and agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners (available only in the U.S. app store) and their two opposable digits. Then they can tap, tap, tap away every day for 21 days, for the chance to win a bicycle. Sounds tough, especially if you don’t have a support team and masseuse along with you for the journey.


Brand: Specialized
Ad Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Executive Creative Director: Rich Silverstein
Art Director and Copywriter: Tim Green
Design Director: Chris Welsby
Designer: Elena Miska
Lead Creative Developer: Marpi Marcinowski
Executive Interactive Producer: Margaret Brett-Kearns
Interactive Producer: Justin Visser
Production Company: Cookie
Director: Lukasz Twardowski
Business Affairs Manager: Kacey Kelley


Creative Director: Mike Landry
Animator: Chad Ford
SFX House: eLevel Films (GS&P)
Composer: eLevel Music (GS&P)
Producer: Luke Dillon
Sound Designer and Engineer: Nicholas Dematteo

Account Services

Account Director: Michael Crain
Assistant Account Manager: Michelle Farhang
Head of Brand Strategy: Andy Grayson