Play in the shade

Swedish Cancer Society's sunless soccer set-up.
Swedish Cancer Society1

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? In a recent campaign to get people to be more safe in the sun, the Swedish Cancer Society gave Swedes the ability to enjoy both the summer sun and the relief of melanoma-free skin. With the skin cancer rate having doubled in Sweden since 2000, the organization decided to try curb this climbing number by promoting the shade. And not just by telling people to stay away from rays between certain hours of the day (where’s the fun in that?). Instead, it created the world’s first soccer pitch made of shade, where people could play footie under a tarp that used the sun to make the field, while also protecting people from it’s harmful rays. Smart idea, but we can’t help wonder if anyone’s gone home with tiger strip tan lines from sitting in the sun pockets for too long?


Brand: Swedish Cancer Society