Avant garde no more

Fashionistas peek inside each other's closets on MOS.

mosAvant garde? Obscure couture? The catwalk sees the likes of sometimes weird, mostly unrealistic designs that the average Jane wouldn’t be caught dead in. And that’s exactly why Jinah Lee, art director at BBDO Proximity Canada, decided to create the “MOS – My Own Stylist” app. It’s a place where anyone and everyone can get personal fashion advice from regular fashion enthusiasts. You can take photos of items in their actual wardrobe. Then ┬ásend out a brief to other users who you think have sweet street style and have those users put together different outfits from your closet. You can scratch their back, um, back by rewarding them with points after they’ve helped refresh your wardrobe with tips and recommended items, and those rewards then lead to perks, like discounts and gifts, for the fashion helper. Lee was one of only two Canadians to win a Young Blood Yellow Pencil this year for her work on MOS. That’s what you get for helping to make fashion friendly for everyone.