Obsessive much?

Taxi's recreation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat" tale for Wayward Arts.
Black Cat5

When asked to design the latest issue of Wayward Arts magazine (which happens to be lucky number 13), the theme of obsession was what came out of the drawing board at Taxi. And boy, did the team take the theme seriously. Each and every single page of the one-year-old arts pub was thought out ever so meticulously. They illustrated the entire issue using Edgar Allan Poe’s dark tale “The Black Cat” as inspiration, with each designer at Taxi being given a chapter to communicate in their own way in the magazine. ¬†Their obsession with the task spilled over to digital, where they created a behind-the-scenes spot and even an audio recording of the story (created with the help of Grayson Matthews), which can be listened to over¬†here.