Joke appeal

Clic Sargent sponsors laughs to raise cash for cancer.

Cancer’s no laughing matter, sure, but for someone living with the disease, having a good laugh now and then certainly can’t hurt. Clic Sarjent, a charity for children and young people with cancer, is showing that joking around is beneficial to cancer sufferers, with its “The Joke Appeal” campaign in the U.K. It asks residents to tell a joke and then have it sponsored to raise funds. The charity and its agency Havas Worldwide London have launched a short film in support that certainly feels authentic, like a crew just happened upon a real-life school-yard moment. The first joke might not be a zinger, but by the end, we bet you’re smiling too. But in case you’re not, have a look at stand-up comedian Chris Ramsey discussing his “concerns” about the contest.


Brand: Clic Sargent
Creative Agency: Havas Worldwide
Creative Director: Russ Schaller
Film Production: Rogue Films
Director: Misha Manson-Smith
Producer: Sophie Hernandez Weldon
Photography: Richard Mott (repped by Vision)
Editor: Quin Williams
Casting: Sasha Robertson